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About Software Components

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AJE Components provide enhanced Web and Application development resources for developers by offering highly stable, flexible, prefabricated, pretested and reusable Software Components and Development Tools. Our Software Components not only dramatically compress the development cycle and reduce costs, but also result in highly complex yet highly stable systems that can be quickly adapted to maintain an organization's competitive advantage.

Save Development Time and Costs

AJE Components feature rich functionality and expert features that have been developed over many years. Using our components allows Rapid Application Development and saves development time and costs!

Our Development Tools give you access to state of the art Software Component technology and a wealth of resources that are reusable time and time again. This will really save your business money and improve the desirability and quality of your products to your customers.


AJE Components addresses the core of business strategy - staying ahead of the competition or being the first with best. In order to remain competitive, organizations must be better, faster and more efficient. With IT as one of the key drivers of competitive advantage, software applications, specifically, must be better, faster and more efficient.

Now your applications can evolve rather than requiring periodical, very costly replacement, and by using AJE Components your business will not be constrained.

AJE Components has a number of specialized Software Components and Development Tools that are competitively priced. Integrating them into existing and new projects will streamline your developments; reduce testing overhead, development times and costs thus ensuring your organizations competitive advantage.

Why Components?

Using Components could save you many tens of thousands of man hours of development time. This saving in time and the increased reliability and productivity that come with using components equate to immeasurable costs savings.

Benefits and Advantages :-

Increased Flexibility
Improved Competitive Advantage
Reduced Time to Market
Lower Support Overhead
Reduced Business Costs
Higher Quality
Enhanced Functionality
Increased Business Value

Increased Flexibility

Quickly responding to market changes and adapting to new business requirements are critical elements to succeeding in today's changing business environment. Such demands have created a growing need for organizations to develop flexible software systems that can stand the test of time. Organizations betting their businesses on component-based development and software reuse can quickly adapt, change and adjust their software without affecting entire systems. It is easy to modify specific components or add new functionality without changing existing systems, resulting in a flexible environment that can sustain changing market conditions.

Reduced Time to Market

Building software with pre-tested, pre-built components that can be reused time and time again dramatically shortens the development cycle and tremendously increases productivity. As a result, organizations can develop and deliver quality software faster than ever before possible. In today's business climate where time-to-market is critical to success, component reuse can provide the edge needed to dramatically accelerate software development and stay competitive.

Higher Quality

Developing software with pre-tested components provides a level of quality much higher than systems that are built from scratch. Component-based systems are more reliable and overall maintenance is therefore reduced, providing additional cost-savings to an organization. AJE Components are the result of many hours work of continual refinement, improvement and testing.

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