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AJE Consulting serves as an invaluable outsourcing partner to help you refine your business strategy, architecture, software systems and networking infrastructure.

IT is changing the way we do business in the 21st century and it is important that the architecture of business software is cohesive and well structured. Our range of services will help you fulfill your objectives.

Data Management

AJE Consulting provide an extensive range of Data Management and Reporting services designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence. We can analyse data, migrate, extract and backup using the most advanced software tools available.

Our services can convert and translate Data into many different formats and types allowing allowing Data to be intelligible between different applications and databases. We can easily access and work with data no matter where it is located or what application created it.

Migrate your Data seamlessly with our black box technology which can map and transfer data between different formats, storage systems and types.

Reporting Services

AJE Consulting advanced reporting capabilities can present your Data in a visual and meaningful format. We can create high level management reports using state of the art technology.


Data Management and Reporting Software


Electronic payments can benefit your business by extending your customer base; boosting cash flow; reducing costs; enhancing customer service and improving your competitive advantage. AJE Consulting develops robust, cross-browser compatible HTML, optimize graphics for compact web delivery and conducts usability testing. We will attempt to determine your requirements and objectives for your e-commerce solution.


Software Development

AJE Consulting can offer development services and bespoke software systems that cover all aspects of commercial software applications. The design and implementation of component based systems from inception to execution are some of the many services we can offer to your company.



AJE Consulting can provide services for design, implementation and management of Microsoft Windows Networks. This includes physical and logical network topologies and recommended security and Firewall arrangements.


IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing has helped companies improve business focus, free management from day-to-day operations oversight and implement significant cost-saving measures. Outsourcing lets a company focus on broader business issues while having details assumed by an outside experts.


Backup Solutions

Backup is the process of preserving copies of your files on a different drive, folder, or a medium to protect it against the destruction or loss of the original files in case of a hardware or a system failure. Disaster recovery is the process of regaining access to the data, hardware and software necessary to resume critical business operations after a natural or human-caused disaster.