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Electronic payments can benefit your business by extending your customer base; boosting cash flow; reducing costs; enhancing customer service and improving your competitive advantage.

Electronic payments improve customer service: -

  • Choice – like your competitors, you can offer a wide range of payment options
  • Convenience – they remove the need for invoices, cheques, cash and BACs
  • Credit – they may allow purchases that would otherwise be delayed
  • Concessions – small discounts to encourage online purchases improve the perception of value
  • Competitive Edge - if you don’t offer the full range of payment options but your competitors do, what does this say about your business?

Reasons why electronic payments increase profitability: -

  • Convenience – removing administrative resources required by invoices, cheques and cash
  • Immediacy – credit cards enable instant purchasing (without delay)
  • Improved cash flow – payment at the time of purchase reduces the pressures caused by 30-day invoicing
  • Growth – open additional payment channels via the phone, mail order and Internet and increase your customer base. More customers mean more revenue.
  • Competitive advantage – match and beat the services of your competitors and gain the edge

Advanced Web Solutions: -

  • Advanced PHP, Perl, CGI and ASP scripting with tailored solutions
  • Superfluous Database functionality
  • Services for mySQL and SQL server
  • Shopping basket and directory listings
  • Secure payments over the Internet

AJE Consulting develops robust, cross-browser compatible HTML, optimize graphics for compact web delivery and conducts usability testing. We will attempt to determine your requirements and objectives for your e-commerce solution.

Speak to us today and we will attempt to determine your requirements and objectives for your e-commerce solution.