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AJE Consulting can offer software development services and bespoke software systems that cover all aspects of commercial software applications. The design and implementation of component based systems from inception to execution are some of the many services we can offer to your company.

With a particular emphasis on structured approach to development we always believe that a good specification is essential to a projects success. From there regular discussions with the development team is important to establish tasks and timescales.

After roles have been identified monitoring individual progress is important. If timescales have been miscalculated at the outset corrections must be made to compensate if the project is to stay on track.

We have a special collection of tools that speed up the development of software systems. Our particular speciality is database design, normalisation and data engine coding. It is important that scalable software system adopt the n-tier model for underlying architecture. This is where we can help your organisation and transform your systems to a future proof entity.

Software Development Services: -

  • Application Development
  • Bespoke Systems
  • Object Orientation Design
  • Database design and implementation
  • Component implementation.
  • Database Development
  • Web Scripting
  • Data Driven Websites and Directories

Advanced Software Implementation:-

  • .NET Programming Services
  • Data Schema's and Architectures
  • XML, XPath, XQuery and SQL
  • Report Design and Implementation
  • Package and Deployment

User Intuitive Architecture

AJE Consulting creates intelligent, user-centric software with high usability. Working with user intuitive architecture principles.

Our experience in Software Design and Architecture amounts to more than 20 years and our products and services are focused to optimize and streamline your business delivering solutions that really make a difference.

Speak to us today and we will attempt to determine the best requirements and objectives for your Application Design, Development and Deployment.

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