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AJE Consulting is proud to offer software applications that deliver real business benefits using the latest technology. Our products and services are focused to optimize and streamline your business delivering solutions that really make a difference.

Data Management and Reporting Software Systems

AJE Software introduce the Indigo range of Data Management and Reporting Systems designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence. These powerful software applications can be used for data analyses, data extraction, data migration and transformation, data queries and report generation.

There are 2 product(s) available...

1). Indigo DQM Data Management System

Indigo DQM is an advanced data management, query, processing and reporting system designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence.

Representing the ultimate in data management and processing and featuring a significant range of expert capabilities included in an all in one solution all your data processing and reporting requirements are satisfied with this powerful software application.

Benefits and Advantages of Indigo DQM

Improve Business Intelligence
Boost Competitive Advantage
Maximise Data Assets
Lower Support Overhead
Reduce Business Costs
Centralise Technology Solutions
Manage any Data Source
Electronic Data Interchange
Complete all-in-one Solution
Secure and Encrypt Data Assets
Increase Business Value

With an impressive array of features and advanced functionality Indigo DQM is the ultimate Data Management and Reporting System and includes all the functionality required for managing and processing data as a valuable asset and resource.


2). Indigo DRS Data Reporting and Document Generation System

Indigo Scape DRS is an advanced Data Reporting and Document Generation System for Rapid Report Development (RRD) using HTML, XML, XSLT, XQuery and Python to generate highly compatible and content rich business reports and documents with HTML.

Representing the ultimate in data reporting our advanced technology and reusable reporting platform gives the best functionality and compatibility. With advanced reporting features and effortless integration of this software into your business you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities!

The Indigo DRS Data Report Engine is an information and data reporting powerhouse and is totally unique in its ability to query in both XQuery and Python and use data from multiple data sources and types. Indigo Data Reporting System comprises of the Report Designer and the separate Report Engine .NET Component Library. The Indigo Scape DRD Report Designer Tools creates the reports and the reusable Report Engine component renders the Reports in for use in your .NET Applications or Websites.

The Indigo Scape DRS Data Reporting System uses Indigo DRS RDL (Report Definition Language) which is an XML vocabulary for Rapid Report Development (RRD) using a flexible machine readable Markup Language to define and describe Report structure, elements, functionality, content and Data. Indigo DRS Report Definition Language represents a standard for creating complex and interchangeable reports between Indigo DRS systems and also maximises content reuse and modularity.

Data can be presented in a visual and meaningful format with the report designer rapidly creating advanced reports rich in content with many options for styling, formatting and customisation. Tables and charts can be added to the report effortlessly allowing complex data to be presented with the minimum of effort.

The DRS reporting platform gives the best functionality and compatibility with advanced reporting features and effortless integration of this technology into your projects you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities.


Finance and Financial Management Software Systems

AJE Software has a range of advanced software applications for Finance and Financial Management including Credit Management and Financial Advisor Systems.

1). Finance and Financial Software

Indigo FMS Finance Management Software calculates and manages complex financial and interest calculations for loans, installment credit, mortgages, credit cards and most typical credit scenarios.

Some of the advanced functionality in our Software:-

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculations
  • Amortization and Installment Schedules
  • Present and Future Value Calculations
  • Interest and Principal payoff balances
  • Variable Interest Rate calculations
  • Up Front Installments and Interest only payments
  • Adjustable rates and Balloon Payments
  • Fees, Insurance's and Transactions calculations
  • Balance and Arrears Calculations
  • Calculations based on 360, 364 or 365 day years
  • Full Management of Payments and Installments
  • Data Persistence to any Data Source - Microsoft Access, SQL Server and mySQL
  • Save, Retrieve Loan Data and Output in XML

Our software includes detailed reporting, accounting and a comprehensive user interface with full Database support for MS Access, SQL Server and mySQL.

Indigo Finance Software has been developed to address the complex issues in money lending, paying back credit with interest, variable rate interest, installment credit scenarios, transactions, penalties reporting, Interest Rates, APR's and much more...

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